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The area of San Antonio is found on the west coast of Ibiza. In a few years it has transformed from being a small fishing town to become one of the main tourist destinations of the island. The town is located in the bay of San Antonio and has a lovely seafront from Caló des Moro to Es Pouet beach. 

At Hotel Gran Sol, we offer a guide with basic advice so that you can make the most of your stay in San Antonio, Ibiza. In this service and activity guide you can find information about all the adjoining towns, as well as the best beaches and nightclubs of the island. 

Read our whole guide so that you can plan and organise your stay down to the smallest detail. At Hotel Gran Sol we are delighted to help you with anything you need. 

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Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol


Within the municipality of San Antonio there are three other towns:
The largest is San Rafael, which is found on the road from San Antonio to Ibiza and which can be easily reached by bus. Its 18th century church is well worth a visit, and from its porch there is a panoramic view of the city of Ibiza. There are several restaurants in San Rafael. Can Pilot offers a wide selection of flame-grilled meats and is one of the favourites among locals. Every Saturday afternoon there is horse racing at the town racecourse.

The small town of Santa Inés is found 8km north of San Antonio, surrounded by plains of very fertile land, covered by hundreds of almond trees which bloom in February, creating a lovely landscape. The town has a church, a small school and two bars. One of these is Can Cosmi, which serves delicious tortillas and a homemade liqueur made of Ibizan Herbs. There is a tourist train at the San Antonio bus station which makes a daily excursion to Santa Inés, taking 2 hours and making a 15 minute stop in the town before returning.

San Mateo is found 11km northeast of San Antonio and is one of the smallest towns of the island.
It is surrounded by agricultural land, where its residents sow vines, to later collect grapes by hand, press them and produce the country wine.
1km north of the town is Cala d’Aubarca, a spectacular rocky cove surrounded by cliffs and nature. The excursion to the sea may be demanding, but it is worth it.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol


Within the urban area is the Arenal beach, which can be reached easily on foot. The beach has a diving centre and a sailing school where windsurfing boards and kayaks can be hired.

Cala Gració and the small Cala Gracioneta are found 1km from the town, and can be reached on foot or by bus. Both have beach bars where drinks and snacks are available. From Cala Gració the Acuario de Cap Blanc can be visited, a natural cave where typical marine species of Ibiza can be observed, such as groupers, lobsters, morays, eels, rays, amberjacks and gilt-head bream.

If you have your own transport, you can visit the coves located north of San Antonio. Punta Galera was a former quarry next to the sea, formed by enormous slabs of stone where you can sunbathe. Very close by are Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, surrounded by docks where the fishers keep their traditional vessels.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol


San Antonio has a modern bus station from which there are buses to Ibiza every 15 minutes during the summer season.
There are also buses to:
The airport.
Santa Eulalia (Link here for Es Canar – Hippy Market).
Nightclub bus to Privilege, Amnesia and Pacha (From midnight to 6am).
Cala Bassa and Cala Conta.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol

Boat excursions

The port of San Antonio offers a wide selection of boat excursions, and you can take one of the small ferries which cross the bay and return, enjoying a tranquil walk along the promenade. Take the ferry to Cala Bassa and Cala Conta to enjoy their crystal clear waters.

There is a daily excursion to the island of Es Vedrá, an island of steep cliffs which stand 400 metres above sea level. Its only inhabitants are some 40 goats which can often be seen from the boat. During the journey the captain and crew will explain many of the myths and legends which exist about the islet.
There is a day ferry to Formentera, where you can explore the island and visit its idyllic beaches. If you are not afraid of heights you can try parasailing with one of the boats based in the port.
There is a diving school which offers excursions both for beginners and more experienced divers.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol


There are several restaurants in San Antonio:
For a special dinner, try the Sa Capella restaurant, located in a church which was never consecrated and which has been visited by celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Sting and Bruce Springsteen.
(It is recommended to reserve a table)
For tapas, there is El rincón de Pepe in calle San Mateo in the centre of San Antonio. Its tapas are displayed at the bar and there is also a menu of combined dishes.
Other options are Pizzería David´s or Ritas Cantina next to the yacht club which offers a selection of breakfasts and snacks.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol


To start the night many people go to see the sunset at the promenade next to fashionable bars such as Savannah, Café del Mar and Mambo which often offer sessions from famous DJs such as David Guetta, Roger Sanchez and Pete Tong.

A 5 minute walk away you will find the West End area where the majority of the bars and small nightclubs are found in San Antonio. In San Antonio you will find the Eden and Es Paradis nightclubs, the latter in a pyramid shaped building with an interior decorated in white and full of gardens. It is famous among tourists and locals for its water party.

Activity Guide for San Antonio, Ibiza Central Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza - Hotel Gran Sol

Information of interest:

Shops close for siesta from 13:30 to 17:00
There are four pharmacies in San Antonio, each one remaining open 24 hours and during holidays.
The San Antonio Medical centre is located next to the bus stop.
There is a tourist information office near the roundabout, next to the children’s play park.
The post office is located next to the roundabout at the entrance of San Antonio.